Dog Eared

Tails are wagging all over the nation!
Thanks to a new and safer way to remove earwax from your dog.

Pet owners and veterinarians all over the nation want to offer the best care possible, to help dogs live long and healthy lives. That’s why Pethealth Inc. is proud to introduce the newest, easiest way to safely clean and maintain your dogs ears. ‘Dog Eared’ is an effective treatment to wash away pesky canine earwax, and when it’s used regularly, it will help prevent uncomfortable wax build ups, which often lead to re-occurring infections.

Developed by veterinarians

Dog Eared was developed in consultation with leading veterinarians to be safe for all dogs, of any size, including puppies. Most importantly, the Dog Eared ear cleaning system was designed to be easy to use, so pet owners can maintain the health of their pets' ears at home, in between clinic visits.

Cleaner ears mean happier dogs

Dog Eared is safe to use during regular grooming regimes. It was specifically designed to remove earwax and debris before infections or mites have a chance to develop. Cleaner ears prevent problems such as painful, chronic ear infections.

Cautions: Impacted earwax should always be removed by your veterinarian and prior to using Dog Eared. After the impacted earwax is removed, Dog Eared may be used regularly to maintain clean, healthy ears.